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boogie woogie baby




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The links on this page are for downloading; all the files are zipped (even individual songs) so that they will download.

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You can also get the entire collection in one zip file (59 tracks, 520Mb, does not include the random recordings on the "Videos and demos" page).

Boogie Woogie Baby

  1. just a chemist
  2. my mouth hurts
  3. nihilistic blue
  4. fading black
  5. boogie woogie baby
  6. charlotte's first

Mellow Days

  1. still
  2. the guy
  3. ballad of madahari
  4. there again
  5. debassed
  6. a wisp of bliss
  7. into the water
  8. one of the first
  9. feelgood changes
  10. deep minor
  11. that was then
  12. then
  13. a wisp of bliss (long version)

Recently in the Past

  1. rockin' those blues away
  2. rerouted on 66
  3. rhythm changes
  4. ballad of madahari
  5. just another burning desire
  6. into the water again


On Vacation

  1. the guy
  2. dream within a dream
  3. rockwell chase
  4. debassed
  5. out of synth
  6. the tyger
  7. a different planet
  8. the lamb


The Secret of the Elixir

  1. the secret of the elixir
  2. in a lab up in the sky
  3. at the foot of mt. equinox
  4. an infinitie afternoon
  5. from the blue bottle
  6. the quest for a taste
  7. while the world goes round
  8. over the void
  9. a primordial pause
  10. alchemy

Catupuss Sessions, Motel Zero

  1. rockwell chase
  2. push the button
  3. wierd space
  4. lanie's riff
  5. still
  6. the guy
  7. dream within a dream
  8. hypnotized
  9. debassed
  10. out of synth
  11. the tyger
  12. sit there
  13. a different planet / the lamb