boogie woogie baby


These videos stream from my my YouTube channel.

Notes on some of the videos

Double stride overhead: In this technique, both the left and the right hand stride. Also, the left hand plays right over the right hand, giving a rhythmic effect you cannot get otherwise. The exercise includes using all of the various combinations of moving the left and the right hands (left strides, right stays / left stays, right strides / left strides, then right strides / both stride together / etc.).

Looptical: Using the Boomerang iii looper, I built up this improvised jam on the fly. Giles Hawkins recorded it, and later I played around with the video effects in Vegas.

Boogie-Woogie Workout: In this exercise, you workout your right forearm muscles. Also, in the left hand, use a variety of bass figures.

Bone Jumpin' Boogie: This is a 16-bar blues with a I-vi-ii-V-I turn-around.

Here are some raw tracks: