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boogie woogie baby




Boogie Woogie Baby (Boogie Woogie Baby in a zip file)

    Just a Chemist is actually an instrumental version of The Albert Hoffman song, with lyrics written by Alex Cooper in Tucson in 1990. Most of the tracks were recorded in St. Augustine, Florida two years later, and the final lead guitar was done in Montreal in 1996. For this version, the track was edited from about eight and a half minutes down to about four; the full-length version is on The Secret of the Elixir.

    My Mouth Hurts was inspired by Charlotte when she was teething, which entails copious amounts of drool. Hence the lyrics, "My mouth hurts and I'm drooling. No one understands a thing I say" and, further on, "I need me a bottle," referring, of course, to her formula. This song came out of an improvised jam that I luckily recorded; the piano and vocal tracks actually present the initial conception of the song.

    Nihilistic Blue was recorded one afternoon as part of recording project that grew out of the open jams at Bar St. Laurent and then Café Solessi in Mile End, Montreal. We had about three hours to record two songs, live. On this one, Sean played bass, Eric drums.

    Fading Black is from the same session as Nihilistic Blue, but with Sed on bass and Sean on guitar. This version is edited with some loops and overlays from the original jam.

    Boogie Woogie Baby was recorded one morning with Charlotte sitting on my lap singing as I played the piano. I just edited out all the blank spaces and added a bit of structure.

    Charlotte's First features Charlotte's vocals, which she recorded in one take, adding a few harmonies on a dry second track (also in one take). The rest was added one afternoon weeks later. Charlotte's vocals are presented just as they were recorded, with no additional effects or edits, thus preserving her phrasing and dynamics. At the time, she was about 14 months old.